If who you know often shapes the trajectory of your career success, then should career development programs address the barriers that restrict people of color and other marginalized groups' ability to expand their social capital? That is the question that drives our work here at Social Capital Builders (SCB), and that is the question that we would like you to consider today. Through our publications and research, we will introduce a series of articles, seminars, and activities dedicated to helping educators, career developers, policy makers and advocates understand the intersection of race, economic mobility, and social capital. We will further share information on how a social capital framework can help mitigate the effects of institutional racism on the employment and educational chances of low income minority youth and adults. 

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We work with organizations to help enhance their program and services through social capital research.  By getting a better understanding of client and staff connections, we’re able to identify the critical assets that can fuel economic and social well-being. Whether you’re about to start on a program, funding a new organizations, designing new models or investing in improving an already established service, we’re on hand to help you get the most out of your efforts. 

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We are looking for career minded adults ages 26-65 to participate in a focus group about helping young people develop their social capital (the value of a person's connections to individuals,  institutions, and organizations).  Focus group participants should be available to attend a 1-hour focus group on Zoom with their cameras on. The focus group will take place on Tuesday, September 21st at 6pm Eastern time.

The purpose of our research is to better understand how adults connect with younger people (ages 16-26) in their lives, whether they be family, former students, employees, mentees, coachees, etc.


We hope to gain more insight into what challenges adults face in making connections with youth, the best ways to establish and maintain these connections, the amount of time adults can commit to the connection process, and the ways that young people can make adults feel that their investment in the process is meaningful and worth their time.


Moreover, we hope to uncover strategies to help build bonds of compassion, trust, and reciprocity between youth and adults involved in the social capital building process and use it to make sure all youth have the connection of caring adults to help them navigate America's career superhighway.

If you participate fully in the focus group, you will receive a $10 gift card for Uber Eats. Please feel free to pass this invite on to other adults who fit the description. If you want to participate, please complete the following Google Form survey: