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Social Network Analysis

If who you know often shapes the trajectory of one's career success, then should individuals and the entities  that serve them address the barriers that restrict one's ability to expand social networks? That is the question that drives our work here at Social Capital Builders (SCB), and that is the question that we would like you to consider today. Through our publications and research, we will introduce a series of articles, seminars, and activities dedicated to helping educators, career developers, policy makers and advocates understand the intersection of race, gender, economic mobility, and social capital. We will further share information on how a social capital framework can help mitigate the effects of institutional racism and bias on the economic and social life chances of every person, especially those who have been historically marginalized form accessing the social networks that more affluent populations often possess. 

At Social Capital Builders, we invest heavily in the use of data science to assist individuals and groups, from unemployed job seekers to corporate executives, in mapping opportunity networks and identifying patterns of relationships and flows with people, groups and organizations that can Influence economic, social and equity opportunities. Through the use of agent based modeling, we perform the hard work with data today so you can make better decisions about where you go tomorrow.  


We work with organizations to help enhance their program and services through social capital research.  By getting a better understanding of client and staff connections, we’re able to identify the critical assets that can fuel economic and social well-being. Whether you’re about to start on a program, funding a new organization, designing new models or investing in improving an already established service, we’re ready to connect to help you get the most out of your efforts. 


Release January 11, 2022

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Social Capital Framework

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Measuring Social Capital

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Race and Social Capital 

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