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Mediating the Effects of Institutional Racism on the Opportunities of Black and Latino Youth

Updated: Sep 9

If who you know often shapes the trajectory of your career success, then shouldn’t career development programs address the barriers that restrict young people of color’s ability to expand their social capital?

That is the question that drives our work here at Social Capital Builders (SCB), and that is the question that we would like you to consider today. Over the course of the next six months, we will introduce a series of articles, seminars, and activities dedicated to helping educators, career developers, policy makers and advocates, understand the intersection of race, economic mobility, and social capital. We will better share information on how a social capital framework can help mitigate the effects of institutional racism on the employment and educational chances of low-income minority youth and young adults.

Please download and read our newest paper: Building Social Capital to Mediate the Effects of Institutional Racism on the Economic Opportunities of Black and Latino Youth.

Final SOCAP Series Race DeJesus Solution
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