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Build Social Capital Automatically with MyOH

An opportunity based social network

My Opportunity HUB (MYOH) is an Web-App resource that supports individuals in building social capital with a finite number of gainfully employed connections. Social capital is one of the greatest predictors of labor market success. A growing body of research is now pointing to the pivotal role social capital plays in helping individuals connect to, and excel in, the world of work.

social capital

Yet despite the best efforts of workforce and educational systems, many are failing to secure gainful employment equal to their investments in education and credentialing. Research is questioning the impact of workforce and educational programs focused mainly on increasing skills and credentials without helping people develop the social connections that could help put these achievements to work. 

Unlike most social mentoring platforms, MYOH is scientifically designed to increase the value of social capital between individuals and the pro-social assets they identify as potential sources of labor market support and career development. MYOH facilitates social capital development through a three stages of empirical based practice and research in network science: