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Frequently Asked Questions- FAQs

We’ve put together some commonly asked questions to give you more information about Social Capital Builders' products and services. 

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Is this a train the trainer model or do you train students yourselves?
We do both! We have a train the trainer program for both our social capital foundations and our anti-violence curricula. We also work with programs where we train students directly, but these are shorter programs up to six weeks maximum. For longer programs, we recommend one of our tried-and-true train the trainer options.

How long is the training and is there a shorter version for busy students?
Our Foundations of Social Capital Literacy (FISCL) curriculum includes up to 80-hours of instruction and additional social capital development projects to be completed by the students. When you purchase a curriculum license, you get 12-hours of training from the Social Capital Builders team. If needed, we can help you shorten the curriculum to fit your program structure. 


Opportunities Up, Violence Down, our anti-violence curriculum, has seven modules with a total of 38-hours of instructional time and seven social capital development projects. It can also be shortened as needed.

Can we use the My Opportunity Hub platform without the training and curriculum?
No, at this time, My Opportunity Hub (MyOH) is only available to students who are enrolled in or completed one of our social capital programs. 


How does social capital tie in with the WIOA key elements?
Social capital helps job seekers access opportunities such as work experience and occupational skills training through the value of connections. Connections can also provide key, relevant information to WIOA program participants on topics like financial literacy and labor market information. 


Is there a virtual course available for staff or students?
Our virtual course, Workforce and Summer Job Success, is available for students year-round. The course teaches work readiness skills with a social capital framework. The course is self-paced and takes about 15 hours to complete. 

Is this evidence-based?
Yes, all of our programs are evidence-based. We use research from a variety of disciplines including sociology, psychology, education, and economics to inform each course, training, and lesson we create. We also conduct internal research and modify programs based on data. 

What outcomes can I expect if I fully use the curriculum and approach?
Outcomes of our social capital training programs include an increased number of interactions with positive adult role models, increased knowledge of job openings and other opportunities, and increased belief in the efficacy of relationships with supportive adults. These outcomes lead to our program graduates obtaining more industry credentials, increasing their work experience, and gaining academic preparedness.  See some of our successes outlined in our most recent case studies.


As a parent how can I get this resource for my children?
Talk to your child’s school leaders or afterschool program about bringing Social Capital Builders to their students. Share the MyOH demo video with them and with your friends and family.

What about students in the child welfare system whose families may be absent. How does social capital affect them?
Students who lack support from a traditional family stand to benefit greatly from social capital. Our social capital training includes social network analysis activity to help all youth see that they have supportive adults in their life whether that be a teacher, neighbor, or even a judge. Social capital development activities give youth concrete skills to build and nurture a non-familial support system for themselves. 

How much does it cost?
The FISCL curriculum costs $12,500. This includes a 1-year curriculum license, 20 student workbooks, 12 hours of staff training, facilitator slides for each lesson, and monthly coaching during your program. Additional workbooks and training are available for an additional cost. Click here to contact us for more information. Our anti-violence curriculum, Opportunities Up, Violence Down, costs $9,500 for the same package. However, this curriculum is shorter and therefore only requires 10 hours of staff training. Learn more here.

What type of evaluation is being conducted?
Students are assessed before, during, and after the training program to ensure that they are progressing. We train staff on how to conduct interventions as needed based on assessments embedded in our curricula. 


How does the platform ensure my child/student’s safety?
We use a system developed by our Chief Technology Officer that scans all communication on the My Opportunity Hub (MyOH) platform for inappropriate and unsafe language. All program administrators will have admin access to the platform so that they can also manually monitor the activity and communication of all their students.  

Where do I go to find out about how I can be a Social Capital Builders trainer?
If you are interested in working for Social Capital Builders to train youth and adults all over the country, please send your resume and cover letter to All are encouraged to apply! 

Can anyone become a trainer of the FISCL curriculum or do they need to have an educational background?
Our curriculum is designed to be used by anyone with clear facilitator directions and accompanying Google Slides provided. That’s part of why you cannot buy the curriculum without receiving training directly from us on how to implement it. We want to make social capital literacy accessible to everyone.