Social Capital for Economic Opportunity and More

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We know that no amount of resources can match the power of an authentic, community-focused, social  capital centered approach to education and engagement. A social capital-centered approach to education enhances traditional instruction through its conscious and strategic use of connections to a variety of social capital assets to support and enhance learning objectives. It creates opportunities and spurs motivation that people never knew existed.


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Our culturally competent national experts in social network analytics, juvenile/criminal justice, positive youth development, and workforce development complemented by our advisory network provides our clients with the advantage of accessing the best evidence based strategies and the team who can tailor and translate those practices for actual use by your organization.  From study design to project completion, Social Capital Builders 30+ years of trusted research expertise, and our ability engage audiences at all levels, from GED to PH.D, will provide your organization the innovation and impact it needs to remain effective and relevant in today's challenging environment.


It's not enough for organizations to measure and help grow "what participants know," organizations must measure and help grow "who they know" if they want to expand economic opportunities for clients living in low-income communities. Social Capital Builders' "Opportunity Network Analytics" (ONA) allows organizations the ability to uncover patterns of interaction in networks that affect educational, economic and social  opportunities. We believe that an individual's economic life opportunities are greatly influenced by how that individual is connected to a larger web of social supports and connections. An understanding of these dynamics will allow organizations and policymakers as well as the clients themselves, to better access the key supports, tools, and strategies necessary for long-term economic success and the motivation to pursue it.  


Social Capital Builders brings an in-depth understanding of non-profit organizations, policy and social networks that enables us to guide clients in overcoming complex challenges across many disciplines. We have the experience, data, insights, and proven approaches for developing strategic plans and building programs and policies that meet the real lifestyles, experiences, attitudes, and opinions of your targeted youth and young adult audiences.



Through our training and program development services, we help you identify success factors and learn how to amplify them.  We help you identity risks and develop strategies to mitigate their impact of organizational and clients success alike.  We are results-based and align our strategies with your goals, so each program is tailored to suit your team and their needs. We then create detailed development programs that helps each team member engage their assets, and overcome the obstacles to learning and retention, and ultimately application.