Social Capital for Economic Opportunity and More


Our culturally competent national experts in social network analytics, juvenile/criminal justice, positive youth development, and workforce development complemented by our youth advisory network provide you the advantage of accessing the thoughts, challenges, and aspirations of real youth across the United States. From study design to project completion, Social Capital Builders 30+ years of trusted research expertise, and our ability to communicate with youth on their level and in their community will deliver the data, insights, and youth-inspired innovation your organization needs to remain effective and relevant in today's challenging environment.


It's not enough to know "what they know," programs must know "who they know" if they want to expand economic opportunities for low-income populations. Social Capital Builders' Opportunity Network Analytics (ONA) allows organizations the ability to uncover patterns of interaction in the networks of students and staff that affect educational and economic opportunities as well as lifestyles and behaviors. We believe that an individual's economic life opportunities are greatly influenced by how that individual is connected to a larger web of social supports and connections. An understanding of these dynamics will allow organizations and policymakers to better assist low-income students and job seekers in accessing the key supports, tools, and strategies necessary for long-term economic success and fulfillment. Through such a framework, systems and organizations can build a programmtic and policy framework that speaks to equitable access to resources, labor market information, access, and culturally competent sources of motivation and long term client support.


Social Capital Builders brings an in-depth understanding of young people that enables us to guide clients in overcoming complex challenges across many disciplines. We have the experience, data, insights, and proven approaches for developing strategic plans and building programs and policies that reflect the real lifestyles, experiences, attitudes, and opinions of your targeted youth and young adult audiences.