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A Problem

The pandemic is devastating the economic dreams of young adults everywhere and your connection may be one of the few things that can help keep their dreams from turning into nightmares.


The closing of college campuses, youth program facilities, mentoring programs and the suspension of countless work-study programs and job opportunities, along with the loss of available internships, is effectively disconnecting young people from the personal connections that can show them the way to a hopeful and prosperous future. According to the Economic Policy Institute, young adults, ages 16 to 24, have been disproportionately impacted by the pandemic with their overall unemployment rate jumping from 8.4% in the spring of 2019 to 24.4% in the spring of 2020 (for Black young adults, the rates climbed to 29.6%).

As more young people lose access to work-related activities, the natural and organic social connections that rise from these activities disappear. Without them, many young adults, especially those from low-income communities, are forced faced to face the world of work alone, not knowing where to turn for guidance, support, and access to opportunity.

A Solution

At Social Capital Builders, one of our goals is to stop the hemorrhaging of these necessary social connections—and we need your help.
Stated simply, social connections are one of the most accurate predictors of workforce achievement and subsequent lifelong success for both youth and adults. Multiple studies clearly indicate that young people are far more likely to achieve future success when and if they feel strongly connected to supportive pro-social adults and the tangible benefits these adults can offer.
And almost all of us certainly know a young person that could use a solid workforce connection right now. Do you?

Taking Action

That’s why we’re launching the Social Capital Connect Pilot. In the pilot (running from March 8, 2021 - June 30, 2021) we’re asking 1,000 adults—Opportunity Guides—to reach out to a young person (16-24 years old) who they perhaps haven’t connected with in a while; a student, employee, mentee, neighbor, or family member who would benefit from some social connection during this ongoing pandemic.  This is your opportunity to spend a little of our invaluable social capital, and to help a young person begin to develop their own!

Please reach out and start the process of sharing some career success advice using one of our templates available below, or feel free to create your own using the hashtag- #SocialCapitalConnect. 


After, complete the attached google survey documenting your connection and your experience, then we’ll send you’re a virtual “Opportunity Guide” Badge to let others know that you’re taking a stand to ensure social distancing doesn’t translate into more disconnection. 


We’ll then use the data to help inform, focus, and direct our upcoming national campaign, launching in January 2022. 

Sample Outreach Templates

“Hey ____________ ... just thinking about you during these difficult times. I want you to know that you can count on me for advice on careers and business. Why don’t you give me a call so we can connect?” #SocialCapitalConnect 

“Hi, (name), how are you? I’m just writing to check in on you.  These are such trying times—certainly not business as usual in our world! I realize schooling from home is challenging and perhaps uncomfortable. Maybe it makes you feel uncertain about the future. I’d really like to hear how you’re feeling and how/if I can offer career and educational support. Let’s make sure we stay connected through all of this.” #SocialCapitalConnect

“Hi, _____________. This pandemic has me thinking of you and I want to support you. I also want to do my part to make sure you have what you need to succeed in school and work. Let’s connect this week. I would love to hear from you.” #SocialCapitalConnect

Activities to Help You Connect to Youth

 Activities to Help You Connect to Aduts

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