August 21, 2019

There are two types of placements: direct and indirect. A direct placement is one where the program places a job seeker directly in a job. An indirect placement is one where the job seeker places themselves. The actual number of indirect placements is unknown (estimate...

August 14, 2019

Before I jump into it, here’s a quick story:

Rayshawn (his real name is Kevin but he hates his government name) was beat. He’d been working 12-hour shifts and couldn’t find more than five minutes to himself. Work had been challenging that week, and it took every ounce...

August 5, 2019

What would you say?

“It’s not only what you know or who you know; it’s who knows and likes you”


“it’s not only what you know or who you know; it’s who you know and who they know.” 

What do you think?

It’s pretty much accepted that most good jobs aren’t found through j...

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