Our bold goal is to increase the social capital literacy of one million youth and adults by 2025.

of young adults have gainfully employed people in their lives who they would reach out more if they had the proper resources and supports.​

Today, we stand at the nascency of a national movement to build the social capital literacy of the people who need it most and close the opportunity gap as we know it. 

Exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, the United States is facing a growing crisis of economically distressed youth and adults. Born at the intersection of racial inequities, class stratification, and residential segregation, which together severely limits the social networks of many and the opportunities that they can access, millions of 16-65-year-olds are forced to search for economic opportunity alone, left without a map and the connections to guide them to the opportunities that have been regulated to the well-connected few.  

At Social Capital Builders, we have built solutions to close the opportunity gap through social capital literacy training, social network analysis, and social capital development.  

Our 2021 impact so far

Job seekers and students supported with social capital literacy training with 77% reporting increases in social capital connections. 


Human service professionals introduced to our social capital framework to increase engagement, employment and educational outcomes. 


Opportunity Guides recruited to serve as social capital assets for youth and adult jobseekers. 


Formerly incarcerated individuals using our model to increase re-entry success and social well being.  

and social

Our framework not only supports programs in helping job seekers identify and secure industry recognized credentials, it helps job seekers build the social capital to put these credentials to work.

We work with programs to leverage the power of social capital to help jobseekers learn about and acquire the essential skills necessary for labor market and life success.

Whether you are serving the formerly incarcerated or college graduates, our social capital training, tools, and support gives your organization the ability to increase the economic and lifetime success of the people you serve.

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Our social capital framework supports organizations in creating policies, principles, and practices that help job seekers identify potential resourceful connections and supports them in engaging and maintaining structured, measurable, and meaningful interactions with these potential of social capital assets, both within and outside of their community. 


We offer various training solutions for organizations interested in a social capital approach to economic empowerment and achievement. Our social capital literacy and development training enhances the economic and social well-being of staff and students alike. 


We teach programs and participants how to map opportunity networks and identify patterns of relationships and flows with people, groups, and organizations that can influence economic life outcomes.  


We built the first social capital literacy curriculum for students, families, and staff to develop an understanding of social capital and the ability to audit, access, build, maintain, manage, grow and effectively use various social capital building skills, tools, and strategies to improve life long financial and social well being.


Our team of experts helps organizations design effective social capital solutions to increase outcomes, improve engagement, address inequities, and build partnerships.   


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