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Helping organizations improve economic mobility and equity through social capital education and development.

What Is Social Capital?


Social capital is the value of an individual's connections to people, organizations, and institutions. Social capital is often confused with networking. However, networking is an action, and social capital is an outcome. Social capital is the benefits you get from putting in the work to build strong relationships with the right people. 

You have social capital with all types of people from your best friend to the barista that takes your coffee order. Social Capital Builders helps individuals and organizations see the importance of investing time and energy into maintaining all types of connections. 

Why Social Capital?


Social capital is one of the greatest predictors of labor market success. A growing body of research is now pointing to the pivotal role social capital plays in helping individuals achieve economic opportunity and long-term career success. Yet despite the best efforts of educational and career development programs, too many youth and adult participants are failing to secure gainful employment equal to their investments in education and credentialing.  Research is questioning the impact of programs focused mainly on increasing skills and credentials without helping people develop the social connections that could help put these achievements to work. 

With more than 65% of jobs and contracting opportunities hidden (never posted or posted improperly), we have solutions to support your organization in connecting people to opportunities that most don't know exist. 

The Online Course to Teach Youth About Social Capital
and Connect Them to the Opportunities it Brings. 


The Online Virtual Course

connecting youth to jobs and more.

The Workforce and Summer Job Success course teaches youth how to use social capital to secure gainful employment. It is a timely tool to help young people understand the value of a job and connect to the social capital assets that can help them make gainful employment a lifelong reality. After completing this course, no young person will ever have to look for a job again. 

  • 20 hours of engaging, powerful lessons designed to get youth engaged. 

  • Full of activities that can be supported in classroom instruction. 

  • Monthly facilitator coaching and support

  • Free book for students 

  • As low as $49 per student

We offer an online workforce development and summer job success course.

Job seekers and students supported with social capital literacy training with 77% reporting increases in social capital connections. 


Human service professionals introduced to our social capital framework to increase engagement, employment and educational outcomes. 


Opportunity Guides recruited to serve as social capital assets for youth and adult jobseekers. 


Formerly incarcerated individuals using our model to increase re-entry success and social well being.  

Social Capital Building
the missing element in workforce development and education 
and social

Our framework not only supports programs in helping job-seekers identify and secure industry-recognized credentials, but it also helps job seekers build the social capital to put these credentials to work.

We work with programs to leverage the power of social capital to help jobseekers learn about and acquire the essential skills necessary for labor market and life success.

Whether you are serving the formerly incarcerated or college graduates, our social capital training, tools, and support gives your organization the ability to increase the economic and lifetime success of the people you serve.

Improve Impact and Equity

Bring the Power of Social Capital to Your Workforce or Violence Prevention Program. 

Foundations in Social Capital Literacy curriculum teacher's manual


FISCL is a 40-hour curriculum designed to get Opportunity Youth connected to the social capital assets that can help them get good jobs,

build careers, and support healthy lifestyles. 

FISCL comes with 12 hours of virtual "Train the Trainer "

Instruction and monthly online implementation


What's Included:

  • 12 Hours of Staff Training

  • Monthly coaching

  • 1-year curriculum license

  • 1 FISCL Curriculum

  • 20 FISCL Student Workbooks

  • Facilitator Slides

Investment: $12,500.00

Anti-violence and workforce development curriculum and teacher's manual



Opportunity Up/Violence Down is a 7 module, 40-hour
course (recommended dosage 6 hours a week) designed to promote transformational change, economic opportunities 
and violence prevention. 

Each module is designed to connect participants to the
pro-social connections who can provide “alive and Free”
information and economic development support. 

What's Included:

  • 10 Hours of Staff Training

  • Monthly coaching

  • 1-year curriculum license

  • 1  OPP-UP Curriculum

  • 20 OPP-UP Student Workbooks

Investment: $9500.00

The Web-App Designed to Help Students Build Social Capital

Starting at $199 per user, per year

MyOH helps programs improve 12-month youth-adult mentoring performance while connecting youth gainful employment opportunities, both within and outside of their communities. 

Our Services and Supports

We offer various training solutions for organizations interested in a social capital approach to economic empowerment and achievement. Our social capital literacy and development training enhances the economic and social well-being of staff and students alike. 


We teach programs and participants how to map opportunity networks and identify patterns of relationships and flows with people, groups, and organizations that can influence economic life outcomes.  


We built the first social capital literacy curriculum for students, families, and staff to develop an understanding of social capital and the ability to audit, access, build, maintain, manage, grow and effectively use various social capital building skills, tools, and strategies to improve life long financial and social well being.


Our team of experts helps organizations design effective social capital solutions to increase outcomes, improve engagement, address inequities, and build partnerships.   

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